Grass Jelly - Mesona Chinensis Tea

Grass Jelly
(Mesona chinensis)

Refreshing Herb In The Mint Family (Lamiaceae) A popular, sweet drink in China and neighboring Asian countries is called "grass jelly." One of the most common plants used to make grass jelly is Mesona chinensis, an herb in the mint family (Lamiaceae). The plants are boiled in water containing potassium carbonate. The juice is cooked and then cooled into a gelatinous consistency. This jellylike material is cubed, mixed with water, syrup and flavorings and consumed as a refreshing drink. It is canned and sold in Asian markets as "grass jelly."

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  • Grass Jelly


  • Bulk Pack : 50kg per Bale


  • The aged and slightly fermented grass or leaves of this mint family (specifically, mesona chinensis) are boiled in a water bath containing potassium carbonate and adequate starch. The resultant mixture is then cooled into a gelatinous consistency.


  • Cold serving
    Cutting grass jelly into serving pieces is as easy as running a knife through the Jelly a few times. Then pour it into a bowl, and then run the knife through it a few more times. Uniformity is overrated, just make sure that there are no extremely large pieces. Go for a range of bite sized. Add sugar or honey syrup and serve.

  • Optional Serving

    Grass jelly can serve as a dessert or afternoon snack in hot weather. It is very refreshing, and can be extremely easy. We generally mix adequate grass jelly cubes with some lychees in juice or light syrup a little bit of ginger flavored syrup (to taste). We then add ice cubes or chill it or serve right away. Either way, the ice melts and blends with the assorted juices to create a light and tasty 'soup.'

Grass Jelly - Mesona Chinensis Tea
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