About Us

Our company is established in Singapore since 8th March 2002.
We are specialize:

    Flora Tea, Tea Leaves and Tea dust:

  • Chinese Tea Leaves
  • Green Tea Leaves
  • Jasmine Tea Leaves
  • Oolong Tea Leaves
  • Pu Er Tea Leaves
  • Dried Flower Padels
  • Japanese Sen Cha Tea Leaves
  • Japanese Hojicha Tea Leaves
  • Japanese Oa Cha Tea Leaves
  • Japanese Matcha Leaves
  • Japanese Genmai Cha Tea Leaves
  • Ceylon Tea Leaves and Tea dust
  • Ceylon Black Tea Leaves
  • Ceylon Black Tea Dust
  • Ceylon Jasmin Tea Leaves
  • Ceylon Flavoured Tea Dust / Tea Bag
  • Ceylon Herb Tea Leaves / Tea Bag
    Tea Powder for Iced blend(Fine ~ 200mesh):

  • Chinese Tea Powder
  • Green Tea Powder
  • Jasmine Tea Powder
  • Oolong Tea Powder
  • Pu Er Tea Powder
  • Dried Flower Powder
  • Japanese Sen Cha Tea Powder
  • Japanese Oa Cha Tea Powder
  • Japanese Mat Cha Tea Powder
  • Japanese Genmai Cha Tea Powder
  • Ceylon Tea Powder
    Raw Material Supplies

  • Grass Jelly Instant Powder
  • Instant Pure Barley Powder
    Instant Products

  • Instant Chrysanthemum Powder Drink
  • Instant Jasmin Green Tea Powder Drink
  • Instant Ginger Powder Drink
  • Instant Red Date and Longan Powder Drink
  • Instant Barley Powder Drink
  • Instant Yam Powder Drink
  • Instant Honey Dews Powder Drink
  • Instant Water Melon Powder Drink
  • Instant Red Date Powder Drink
  • Instant Ginger Powder Drink
    Mailing address:
    617A, Punggol Drive #05-797
    Singapore 821617

    Operation address:
    6, Yishun Industrial Street 1, #07-16
    Northview Bizhub
    Singapore 768090

    Please contact us at:
    Tel: 065-6487 7718
    email: david@xii.com.sg
    for inquiry, we will get back to you shortly