Yam Powder

Nu3 Yam Powder Drink made from high quality instant yam powder, instant coconut powder, non-dairy creamer, sugar and food grade coloring (E133 & E122). Modern manufacturing and hygienic packaging used to preserve the natural taste and fragrance of Yam. You can taste a delicious Yam Drink with Nu3 Yam Powder Drink anytime and anywhere.


  • Instant Yam Powder
  • Instant coconut powder
  • Non-dairy creamer
  • Sugar
  • Food grade coloring (E133 & E122)


  • Bulk Pack : 20kg per carton
  • Value Pack : 1000gm per packet,
    20 packets per carton


  • Hot serving
    Empty one sachet (25gm) of Nu3 Yam Powder into a cup, add adequate boiling water (200ml), stir well and serve.
  • Cold serving
    Empty one sachet (25gm) of Nu3 Yam Powder into a cup add 25ml hot water, stir well and add cold water & ice cube to serve.
  • Iced Blend
    Empty one sachet (25gm) of Nu3 Yam Powder, 50ml cold water, ice cube (add little sugar if prefered sweet) into juice blender, blending well for approximate 3 mins, pour into glass (option: add well cooked pearl) and serve.
Yam Powder
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